Tryouts 2023

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1. Please see age chart above for any questions about what your child should try out for.

2. For any players without an USA/AAU membership, there is a TRYOUT REGISTRATION FEE of $15 is required.  You can pay this fee through the SCVA registration link.

3. We recommend you try-out with your age group.  If your volleyball skills and knowledge of the game exceed the level of your age, we will promptly move you up.

--No Sunday Play is required. There will be a couple tournaments with Sunday play. A player will not be penalized or demoted for choosing not to play on Sunday.

We want to be upfront with our families.  We avoid Sunday play as much as we possibly can.  Though much of the volleyball world thinks that playing in huge 3-day tournaments is the ONLY way to success, our experience give us confidence in saying that this is not the only way.  We’ve had numerous cases of players moving on to play at the next level whose career did not require them to play on Sunday. We’ve found that the single most important thing to a college coach, when recruiting, is that a player can execute the game at the college level of skill and athleticism.  Furthermore, we believe that abstaining from Sunday play will help our players’ bodies recover, help them stay on top of their schoolwork, and have time to spend with their families.

While it has proven harder to find 2-day tournaments that will have college coaches present, we have identified several.  We have contacted a few college coaches and they have indicated that the events we are attending WILL have recruiters watching.  However, we understand that the game of volleyball is going more and more into Sunday play, so we are making a couple concessions.  We will be entering Red Rock Rave, LV Classic, and in some cases Nationals.

Certainly, it is important for players to be seen by coaches at tournaments, and an even more crucial factor in the recruiting process is the work that our players and coaches put into contacting coaches from schools they would like to attend.  Acquiring film and sending it out will often be the most efficient way to get a coaches’ attention, rather than hoping to catch someone’s eye across the expanse of the tournaments.

We hope you will join us!
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